Avimar was formed in 1985 to produce financial reference books and publications

specifcally aimed at providing the executives involved in the aviation industry with a quick and cost effective source of commercial data as an input into their decision making process.


The first publication ‘International and Domestic Airlines Operating in the UK’ was

superceded by the more comprehensive ‘Top World Airlines—A Company Guide’ (TWA) in 1990.


Due to the fast evolving nature of the aviation industry and to satisfy demand Avimar

introduced its Aviation Financial News (AFN) in 1985. Which is a weekly digest providing comprehensive updates on Commercial Airlines throughout the World. 


Avimar’s credit reports were introduced specifically to help credit controllers, managers and analysts to aid them in deciding whether to extend an airline credit and, if so, what terms. With a database began in 1988, Avimar holds one of the most in depth data bases on commercial airline in the world. And one which is being constantly refreshed.


Avimar client list is substantial and includes oil companies, aircraft manufacturers,

airports, air caterers, insurers, pilot associations, universities to name but a few.


This web site provides some further details of Avimar’s product range but more details will be provided on email request.